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The Chinese Enrichment Course is designed to help students learn Chinese in a fun and effective way. Through various teaching methods, we aims to develop the interest and appreciation for the Chinese language. The courses offered include Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Character Recognition, and Chinese Holiday Programme.

华文兴趣课程旨在使用多样而富含教育意义的教学方式, 让孩子高效而有趣的学习华文。




怎样才能让孩子快快乐乐学拼音,轻轻松松学华文?唐语文推出的“汉语拼音课程”, 采用最浅显易懂的教学方法,轻松教孩子学习汉语拼音,孩子成绩进步显著,不再害怕汉语拼音,从此不再抗拒学习华文。

Chinese is not a phonetic language. A special tool called “Hanyu Pinyin” (pronouncing the sound) is created for people to learn Mandarin pronunciation. The pronunciation of Mandarin is related to the using the romanized alphabet Hanyu pinyin. It is a way to transcribe Chinese characters so people can pronounce it.

The writing of Pinyin is similar to English alphabet. Chinese characters don't represent their pronunciation by themselves. We need refer to the dictionary to lookup for the Pinyin.  If you master Hanyu Pinyin, you will know how to pronounce any word in Mandarin Chinese when you use you dictionary as a reference. 


Pinyin is the most important and basic part of Chinese learning. It will help you focus on your pronunciation, while also helping with reading and writing.

The best time to pick up HYPY is at K2 or P1 level.



Chinese is easier to pick up for children as compare to adults as young minds are able to make sense of and understand the language based on their mental functions.


Chinese Character Recognition is an enrichment course integrated various methods to boost kids’ love of learning Chinese. Through nursery rhymes, stories, and fun games like role-playing, we are providing a conductive and homogeneous environment for kids to master the correct way of Chinese pronunciation and writing.


It creates an environment that enables the students to practice Chinese in both oral and hand writing. Starting with the most basic pencil grasp and writing posture, the good study habits are naturally inculcated into our younger generation. In the aspect of writing, this course covers the basic order of strokes, radicals, and Chinese character structure. 



This 12 days Programme covers

  1. Chinese Fundamentals 

  2. Oral Expression

  3. Arts & Crafts

  4. Chinese Calligraphy 

And other fun games and activities to develop the interest and appreciation for the Chinese language.


• Fun Characters 趣味汉字
• Characters Structure 文字结构
• Simple Chinese Interaction 基础会话
• Simple Sentence Structure 基本句型

• Nursery Rhymes 儿歌
• Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音
• Fun Games 趣味游戏
• Fairytales Fanatics 童话故事
• Vocabulary Builder 华文词汇
• Speech & Role Play 演讲表演

• Arts & Crafts 绘画手工

• Chinese Calligraphy 少儿书法

💌Indulge in some "Fun Chinese" this December Holiday.