Tang Chinese is committed to inspire the interests of learning Chinese and enhance the ability of Chinese reading & writing. 

Our Students starts from K1 to pre-university. We provide students Chinese enrichment classes and Chinese tuitions during the school days. The school holidays programs will help students experience fun to through learning Chinese enrichment classes.  

Our teachers are full time dedicated qualified teachers.They are professional, and familiar with MOE latest syllabus. They are good at inspiring students to find their interests to learn Chinese. 

Chinese Enrichment Courses are designed to help students learn Chinese in a fun and effective way. The course is focusing on Chinese Character Recognition, Hanyu Pinyin, and creative writing.

The Chinese Tuition course will enhance the ability of Chinese comprehension, creative writing and oral excellence through weekly reading practices, classroom discussions and language drills, beyond the standard picture and conversation practices.

Chinese Holiday Programme

Fun Chinese is a holiday programme touches Chinese Fundamentals and filled with fun games and activities to develop the interest and appreciation for the Chinese language.

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275 Thomson Road #01-30 Singapore 307645

(Novena Regency)

Contact: 8869 4022 

​Email: info@tang-chinese.com

Web: www.tang-chinese.com






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